Some Giphy Stuff, CINEMAGRAPHS.

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My collection of #Cinemagraphs are really not very imaginative, however they will get better as I learn more about the technology.

To learn more about this quirky social media, try Wikipedia.

The #tidal pool, well it sure is rising with the #rain.

Well I missed that one, time for a coffee.

Bobbing up and down like a cork on the ocean, doh.

In coming tide on the Brunswick River

A very dusty and smoky sunset on Mount Chincogan Mullumbimby.

The favorite axeman waiting for the countdown, 45 seconds and counting.

My flower arrangement in a eggcup and the trembling feather.

Hey old mate have you ever tried using a real crosscut saw.

What a take off, surfing at Brunz, Northern N.S.W.

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