Pretty Pictures.

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I, like many many people seem to collect photo images and video footage ad infinitum, and coupled with that comes the dilemma of what to to keep and what to discard. This in it’s self presents the avid photographer with several options, you know, the dreaded delete button, save in a folder or maybe have a fiddle with the image and possibly crop and save the good stuff. So what is worth saving and what do you delete? Well people, only you will know that.

“Nevertheless and not withstanding” the expert said, why not save them all, except the really bad stuff of course and make a folder entitled ‘Just Pictures’ or something similar. Taking up to much storage space you say, well even this old codger has an external Hard Drive with 3 Terabytes of space, and as well my Lap Top has 2 Gigabytes of space, I guess most people will have the same.

But remember logic, that is, common sense, place everything in an orderly fashion, so that even I can find it , don’t rely on your memory. With all that in mind here are some images I felt were “Just Pictures”.

With respect and and not wanting to appear glib my “good” pictures can be viewed on my other WordPress Site, have a perusal You may see something you like.



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