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Only if you want to OK.

But first I must confess to (not) being a really truly you beaut professional photographer. Well maybe I have taken some half acceptable image frames and video footage, what I am referring to is the fact that my photographic equipment has always left a lot to be desired. (as I have described elsewhere).

If ever I get rich and famous things would be different, the following dot points may help people who are interested in staring out as a ‘budding’ photograber, just made that up.

This is my advice to you, remember I am no expert, get expert advice these are my suggestions:

  • You will need a camera, doh.
  • A bridging digital camera, look that up.
  • Rich? Well get advice.
  • However, a camera with “Auto” feature.
  • Capable of at least 14 Mb file size.
  • Able to adjust:
  • Shutter speed, aperture, iso.
  • Have a zoom capability, 10 times.
  • Point and shoot feature.
  • A camera with provision 4 times zoom:
  • (Snap on screw on).
  • Macro capabilities.
  • Have a video feature:
  • At least 1080p full HD.
  • Spare battery, charged of course:
  • (If you take a lot of vids).
  • USB and WiFi would be good.
  • SD or SDHC memory card:
  • at least 16GB capacity.

So this may be helpful, study up then make you choice, remember don’t go in too cheap, regards john f.

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