Monetization, I am still disappointed

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“THis was most needed and inevitable”, they said, “I never wanted to make YouTube a viable career path”, I said. Not only that my income from my videos was to say the least, minimal, but a welcome little payment for the hours and the diligent input expended.

Never the less I can imagine, not, the dilemma that the hard workers and movers and shakers of this massive organisation have to consider, “you can please some of the people some of the time, and you can please most of the people most of the time, but you can’t please all etc”.

So what’s my beef, you may ask, well 4,000 hours watch time over 12 months and 1,000 subscribers was never going to happen, like, a non event. Of course this criteria is far and above my 272 subscribers and 744,087 views, (over a period of 10 years). And here I am thinking that my channel was average in it’s popularity. Then again in all inquisitiveness what will a YouTube Channel get, am I really in the ‘average’, or below the average’. Perhaps the figures that are quoted must be a clue, if so I am well below the average, drat and stuff.

Checking back, in 2017 my channel was viewed 10,000 hours, 122,000 views, princely sum of $210.35 Au., so at least one of the criteria was achieved.

Well now that’s out of the road, so there must be a hidden agenda to my WordPress Blog you may say, and you would be correct in assuming my comment re. agenda. Negative to hitting on YouTube, I have had lots of fun with the concept firstly, taking the video footage then compiling the clips and making movies with various video editing software, incidentally one of the other features ‘pulled’ by the organisation was the in-house ability to edit videos.

Disappointment? What about the decrease in viewers, where did they go. I was comfortable with 6/7,000 views per 28 day period, heaps of comments, some sarcastic but most were given in a positive manner. Now strangely views seem to be on the rise, that’s par for the course I suppose. You want a sneak peek? Like surfing and boats, link below:

My YouTube Channel

That’s my gripe, you may have similar/dissimilar views, let me know but be advised I am only a small, (creator), fish in a big pond, regards john f.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: The wind in the willows must have rustled up some activity on my YouTube site, woow.


youtube screen shot1

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