Welcome to my site!

Francaise, (se referer au bas de page), maybe.

German, (siehe seite unten), Goot.

Spanish, (consutte la parte inferior de la pagina), I think.

Russian, (обратитесь к нижней части страницы), I hope


Wait a second before you start reading, because, at the bottom of this page and subsequent posts there will be a little Multi-Lingual person from ‘GOOGLE TRANSLATE WIDGET’ with an in-creditable knowledge of languages, select your native tongue and hey presto. 

Thank you WordPress for the opportunity to get my ruminations and thoughts out to people who may be interested in the goings on of a senior citizen of the world.

Basically and eventually you will be directed to my WebSite, (another WordPress venture), here you will discover a bewildering array of fantastic and riveting stories and observations, he say’s with some degree of propinquity and self centered cultural cringe.

The Wonderful arching flukes of Mother Whale
The Wonderful arching flukes of Mother Whale

In all truth however, you will be bombarded with stories, mostly true. You will see many digital images and read poems of barely view-able / readable quality. But then when it’s all said and done you deserve some distractions from the every day problems of our earthly existence. so there.

The above image was captured on a Whale Watching boat just out in the ocean from where I live, you will see many more images and stories soon.

So that we won’t be deceiving you, my WordPress BlogSite will eventually be directing you to my ‘big’ site, a site I have bashing away at for quite some time. And it’s no fault of WordPress that the struggle has taken so long, put it down to Old Timers Disease…

Breaking News, dramatic what.

Well folks I have decided to give you the “basically and eventually”, that is, give you an insight to johnfarlsbrunz.com, warts and all the site is being added to and updated as we speak. You will ‘eventually’ get used to my Aussie inflections. Use the TRANSLATOR IF YOU LIKE. Link below, thank-you.



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